Forney P&Z Commissioners Reluctantly Vote 6-1 to Approve Trinity Crossing

The taxpayers living in Forney have much to be concerned about, and they have every right to believe whomever they choose in regard to the residential growth currently underway across their community.

They can check their facts with the towns BBQ man. They can check out, respond to and believe in the “State of Bull” preached by the first Council Member in the history of Forney to openly accept $40,000 in political contributions from Dallas land developers. They can attend an actual meeting of their city government; submit a Public Information Request or simply rant their frustration on social media.

However, for well over ten years as owner of The Forney Post, I have considered it my foremost job to simply inform the citizens of this community on the actions of their municipal government.

Therefore, the citizens should know that during the Thursday evening Forney Planning & Zoning meeting, another housing development comprised of 215 Cracker-Jack style homes was approved to be built on the west side of FM 460 (Clements Road).

Currently named “Trinity Crossing”, this is the second time these developers have approached the P&Z Commission for site plan approval.

And at least the second time, City Attorney Jon Thatcher has explained that the city currently has no ability to deny approval on this development because the property is located within the Forney ETJ.

According the Attorney Thatcher if the development meets the building standard requirements set forth in the 2007 council approved ETJ Sub-division Ordinance, the P&Z and subsequently the Council are obligated to approve the plans as presented.


The citizens are again reminded that in 2007 the Forney City Council was led by former mayor Darrell Grooms, along with council members Robbie Powers, Darren Rozell, James Hatley, Andy Parker, Brian Haughey and David Holler.

The Forney Council member’s elected between 2007-2010, which include Robbie Powers and Mary Penn, were solely concerned with attracting any type of housing developer interested in building in Forney.

At that time these council members were not concerned with the future development of Forney, and because they have never been concerned with the way their actions affect the Forney ISD, they passed an ordinance which allows developers to now come forth and build teeny-tiny homes that are constructed mere feet from one another.

This ETJ Sub-division Ordinance approved in 2007 does not benefit the citizen living inside, or around the city’s borders, today. And because the Forney Council is well aware of this fact, the citizens need to immediatly request a repeal of this ordinance for the future protection of their city borders.

As it currently stands, the ETJ Sub-division Ordinance simply provides current council member’s with a big fat legal excuse for the lack of vision shown by their predecessors, while continuing to supply ‘consultant fees’ to Darrell Grooms.

Fact check the attached plans for the Trinity Crossing development, listen to the published videos of this P&Z meeting and hear how the appointed members of this board did not want to approve this development.

And then check out the smug look on the developer’s face within these videos. These developers are seated next to and directly in front of Forney’s current Mayor, Rick Wilson.

And know without doubt, that there is still more unwanted residential development on Forney's horizon.


Written by: Denise Bell

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