Mayor Wilson Request Citizens Sign Petition to "Fight for Forney"

After issuing a public statement on Facebook regarding the Gateway Project and the Forney City Council, an overwhelming number of Forney residents have decided to support Mayor Rick Wilson is his decision to stand up and "Fight for Forney."

Reaching out to the many citizens concerned with the uncontrolled residential growth occurring across Forney; on Sunday morning Mayor Wilson invited the citizens to stop by the City Plaza Center to speak with him about the thousands of apartments proposed to be built near Gateway Bridge.

Reportedly several dozen citizens stopped by to speak with the Mayor, and many expressed their concern for the direction the City Council is taking regarding residential growth proposed by Petro-Hunt land developer, Herbert Hunt.

Many residents are signing the "Forney Residents Against 5,000 Apartments" Petition that was started by Mayor Wilson after it was revealed last week that Hunt developers intend on building thousands of apartments on property that the developer had initially promised to use for retail development. 


Late on Sunday afternoon, Mayor Wilson stated "I really want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to my call to "Fight For Forney". The Petition is now available online. So all the residents have to do is go online and push the blue button. Join the "Fight for Forney" and together we can do something to protect our schools and roadways.Together, we can stop this type of growth."


Publishing Mayor Wilson's statement in its entirety, The Forney Post gladly supports all residents who care enough to "Fight for Forney"



As Mayor it is my desire to bring structured growth, offer good government and to be transparent to the citizens of Forney. However there are existing circumstances that are hindering the progress of my commitment.

I believe that we, the citizens, have been SOLD OUT. It has come to my attention through the announcement last Monday night the developers of the Gateway Project have intentions to bring a staggering amount of High density apartments. It was revealed during their presentation to build up to 5000 units connecting to the existing Gateway apartments. The area that was once promised as retail now is being developed as multi-family dwelling.

In my opinion this will be a detriment to our community by contributing to our over crowded schools and road ways. Knowing this project will not offer any tax base to help with infrastructure, police or fire protection and the burden it will place on our community, I cannot stand in support of this.

Many of you know this council has been unwilling to work with me to regulate this type of uncontrolled growth. My voitng record shows I have stood firm on the direction of quality growth I believe we could achieve.

If you believe along with me to stop this type of growth I ask you to stand, let your voices be heard and start the movement to STOP developers from taking over our community, depleting our values, only to gain a profit.

If you wish to come along side and Fight for Forney, I am asking you to sign the petition that is being circulated and show this council there is a movement against this development.

I stand on our Mission Statement: “A community of family values who are dedicated to a safe environment and quality growth”


Mayor Rick Wilson

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