Forney Council Will Discuss Adopting a Council Code of Ethics

It seems that finally someone at Forney City Hall is listening to the concerns of the citizens.

The March 6, 2018 City Council Agenda reveals that the council will “discuss and consider action on an Ordinance amending Chapter 1 of the City Code of Ordinances by adding Article 1.12 Code of Ethics for City Officials and City Employees.”

City Attorney Jon Thatcher will present the item which is intended to “tie-in with the City’s Mission, Vision and Values: City Officials and Employees should adhere to strong principles of Accountability and Leadership”.

Recent issues such as the selling the historic 212 South Bois d’Arc Building to EDC Board President Joe Dan McBeth and the passage of an ordinance that allows Hunt developers to build an outrageous amount of apartments adjacent to the Gateway Bridge, have resulted in a considerable about of concern being voiced by Forney residents.


Reportedly Council Member Shaun Myers has numerous times revealed information procured from Closed Executive Sessions on his Internet podcast page, and now there is debate over exactly what can legality be revealed, discussed or debated by a Council Member publicaliy on social media outlets.

The eighteen page Code of Ethics Ordinance provides for the confidentiality and safe guarding of privileged city information, as well as establishes an Ethics Committee, Complant Process and Sanctioning Procedures.

The taxpayers of Forney have every right to want a City Council that can be trusted. One that is open and honest with its citizens, and one that does not flaunt it political allegiances but instead work’s together for the betterment of the community.



Scheduled for Tuesday night March 6, 2018 at 6:30 pm, this will be an important Council meeting.

Due to the considerable outrage voiced by the residents over the announcement that the next phase of the Gateway project will include as many as 5,000 apartments, a discussion regarding the ordinances, agreements and regulations related to the development and the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, have been added as the last item on the nights agenda.

Forney taxpayers really interested in checking their facts are invited to review the below Gateway Development Agreements.


Owners Reimbursement Agreement 

Ordinance 08-1290

Meadow Ridge Farms 09-11

Meadow Ridge Farms Amendment 013-04

Gateway Parks 015-01

Meadow Ridge Farms / Gateway Economic Development Agreement

County Interlocal Agreement





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