Primary Election Results Spawn Several Run-off Campaigns

The predominately Republican citizens of Kaufman County voted in the 2018 Primary Election on Tuesday, and now these voters will closely monitor the platforms presented by several run-off candidates.

The race to capture the vacant District 5 US House Representative seat had a total of eight Republican Party candidates. The candidates who received the top two highest amounts of votes will now campaign in a run-off election to see who will represent District 5 in the November General Election.

Lance Gooden supporters turned out in mass to deliver their candidate 6,293 votes which was considerably more than the 2,351 votes received by Bunni Pounds.

Kaufman County Tea Party candidate Jason Wright placed a distance third with 1,116 votes and the remainders of the votes in this race were split among Sam Deen (981), Kenneth Sheets (467), Danny Campbell (292), David Williams (208) and Charles Lingerfelt (116).

The race to replace Lance Gooden as the District 2 State House Rep. also resulted in a run-off election between Kaufman County Tea Party endorsed candidate Stuart Spitzer and Forney businessman Keith Bell.

Candidate Spitzer received 5,686 votes, candidate Keith Bell received 4,222 votes, and the remainders of the votes cast in this race were split between Ashley McKee (1,602) and Earl Brunner (246).

The election of a new Kaufman County Judge will also require a run-off election be held between the former mayor of Terrell, Hal Richards, and Kaufman County Commissioner Jakie Allen.

A very tight race, candidate Hal Richards just barely captured the lead by receiving 3,867 (34.72) votes. Only 40 vote’s more than candidate Jakie Allen, who received 3,827 (34.28%). The third member of this race was KCO Tea Party candidate, Ronnie Oldfield, who received 3,460 (31%) votes.





A big run was also made for the Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace position, and of the four Republican candidates seeking election, Scott Whitaker received the most votes with 1,106 (36.35%) and Amy Tarno received the second highest number of votes with 893 (29.35%).

Other election results of significance include the very expensive campaign of Kaufman County Tea Party incumbent candidate Senator Bob Hall, and four-time State House Representative Cindy Burkett.

Incumbent Senator Bob Hall won the nomination of the Republican Party after receiving 6,750 (57.49%) votes to challenging candidate Cindy Burkett’s 4,991 (42.51%) votes.


And the closest race of the evening was without doubt between Kaufman County Court at Law No.1 Judge, incumbent Dennis Jones and challenging candidate, attorney Tracy Booker Gray.

Both Jones and Gray conducted spirited campaigns, however in the end the voters of Kaufman County chose to re-elect incumbent Judge Jones by a mere 6 votes over first-time politician Tracy Gray.

Just barely inching Gray out of the election, KCO Tea Party endorsed candidate Dennis Jones received 5,465 (50.03%) votes to the 5,459 (49.97%) votes received by Gray.

And lastly the race for Kaufman County Clerk was decided, and indeed the voters chose “to keep” incumbent candidate Laura Hughes in office. Hughes received 8,830 (78.75%) votes over challenging opponent Holly “Chrys” Kile ,who received 2, 383 (21.25%) votes.


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Written by Denise Bell

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