Forney ISD Announces Plans to Convert Forney Academic Center

On Tuesday night, retiring FISD Superintendent Suzie McWilliams and newly appointed FISD Superintendent Dr. Justin Terry, provided the Forney City Council with the district’s plan to convert the Forney Academic Center into an Early Childhood Center.

Because the campus is located at 309 South Bois d'Arc next to Eno's Pizza Tavern, Dr. Terry explained “I wanted to share with you just briefly what’s going on next door, because you’re going to see some construction and basic renovations on the interior of those buildings."

Dr. Terry said "This is a pretty large footprint next door. So what we’re looking to do is bring in an Early Childhood Center, in over what is currently the gymnasium and make it into classrooms.”

Pointing at a slide presentation of the campus design, he said “So you really want to think of this campus now, as two separate campuses. We’ve got basically a wall that will go right down here, and there will be no crossover of children there. And so we’d have an entrance here for all our little childhood students and then a back door here, for our secondary programs.”

He said “One of the things we’re most excited about is the chapel. This is a rendering of the chapel and we’re not currently utilizing the space. If you’ll look around the room one of the things you’ll notice is that everything is mobile and on wheels. So one of the things we’re looking to do with this space is to use it for evening events. For banquets and school events, so this is something the community could access too.”

Next Dr. Terry detailed two different campus design plans which would complete the conversion; one of the designs allowed for shared public parking, while the second plan fenced in the entire FISD property therefore prohibiting any public parking.

Dr. Terry requested that the Forney EDC assist the FISD with the financing of the shared public parking plan before answering several council member questions.

The citizens of Forney interested in viewing Dr. Terry’s entire presentation are encouraged to view

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