Gateway Developer Presents City of Forney with a List of 12 Demands

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council will meet to deliberate an agenda comprised of twelve Action Items, and although this council may continue spending money as if they are not facing enormous debt, the taxpayers of Forney have $44,248,226.98 reasons to be genuinely concerned.

Because it is not the habit of Forney City Hall to ‘press release’ out the actual facts surrounding any situation that puts them in an unfavorable light, the taxpayers of Forney are often provided clarity through the publication of public records obtained by The Forney Post.

On April 11 2018, it was reported that Petro-Hunt Vice-President of Real Estate Development, Alan Bain, had emailed Interim City Manager Wendle Medford a “letter with a list of ten demands he wanted immediately addressed”.

Now as the attached email will show, the letter written by Hunt VP Alan Bain did not contain ten demands but instead contained twelve demands.

All of which substantiate why renowned land developer Petro-Hunt LLC believes the taxpayers of Forney owe them $44,248,226.98 in repayment of infrastructure development associated with the Gateway Project.

Before outlining his list of 12 Gateway issues, Alan Bain states “Wendle – below we have outlined our proposal to the City of items we would be willing to settle in a good faith compromise with the City. Please note it includes many items we have discussed and agreed on already.”

The taxpayers of Forney will need no interpretation of the attached list of negotiating demands. And it's highly unlikely that they will miss the fact that items #1, #8, #9, #10 and #11 are huge stumbling blocks for the future financial stability of the City of Forney.


Alan Bain Email and Letter 




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Written by: Denise Bell




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