EDC Director Talks Development and Proclaims Forney’s Population to be Nearing  50,000

On Tuesday afternoon Forney EDC Executive Director Warren Ketteman was the Keynote Speaker at the Forney Area Networking Group

where he provided several interesting updates on the residential and business development of Forney.

Always an informative speaker EDC Director Ketteman said “It’s going to be fun because in 2020 is the census, and that will start in 2019, if anyone has been involved in census stuff. That’s when you start doing all the work.

I had an opportunity back in Illinois to serve on a census count committee so I encourage you to get involved in that, it’s kind of fun to be part of that”.

Speaking on Forney’s growth pattern Ketteman said “When asked about the population I say, in the city it’s between 21,000 and 25,000 so as a rule of thumb I usually say 25,000 in the city and about the same amount just outside the city limits so it’s about 50,000 total population in our market. I use the school district boundaries to define the Forney market.”

Explaining he stated “The Forney market is kind of squeezed in there. With Rockwall, Terrell and Mesquite squeezing in on us because we’re only going to be so big. I’ve had people say “I don’t want Forney to be another Frisco”, and I said “You’re not going to be Frisco and you’re not going to be McKinney. We’re limited. So what that means is that we have to be smart about what we do. We have to plan what we do and we have to talk about it, and we do that. We do. We talk about it.”

Ketteman said “I’m in Executive Session with my Board; I’m in Executive Session with the Council on issues. We talk about all that stuff. Sometimes it seems like things more kind of slowly, they do. And that’s on purpose. Your government moves slowly. You guys are in private business, if you don’t like something you can change it today. But in government, it’s called public meetings, public hearings, posted in the newspaper, you got to check with the neighbors to make sure their okay, like zoning changes. It by design so that people can get involved and have some input and it just takes a while sometimes.”

Using a very large, high gloss map of Forney and its surrounding Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) EDC Director Ketteman's briefly detailed the number of homes under construction within the city limits, and those outside the city limits.

Director Ketteman also spent considerable times discussing the Gateway Parks and Project Falcon; which is a codename for a “1.7 million square foot warehouse and fulfillment center that will reportedly provide 800 jobs.”




Written by: Denise Bell

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