Police Chief Declares Forney’s Animal Shelter a “No Kill” Shelter by Definition

During the City Managers portion of last week’s City Council meeting, Council Member Kevin Moon made a statement regarding concern for the status of the Forney Animal Shelter.

Speaking to new City Manager Tony Carson during the City Manager’s Report portion of the meeting, Council Member Moon said “I just want to make a statement. Not too long ago we opened up a fantastic animal shelter and there have been lots of questions about wither it’s a no kill or kill shelter. I don’t know if something needs to be put out. I don’t actually know the answer.”

The Forney Animal Shelter is under the direct supervision and administration of Forney Police Chief Rob Sherwin who volunteered to provide an answer to Council Member Moons’ inquiry.

Speaking from the staff seating area within the room, Forney Police Chief Sherwin stated “The Forney Animal Shelter is considered by definition a no kill shelter because our Live Release Rate is above 90% and that is the definition. I believe we’re at 94% or 95% right now, and I can get confirmation of that to council.”

Responding Council Member Moon stated “Thank you Chief. Well, I think a statement maybe that we put out that defines that. Because the reputation that we’re getting is that we’re a kill shelter, and that’s not going over too well with the citizens. And that we’re not doing all we can to utilize such programs as the Clear the Shelter program or outreach rescue organizations and things like that before we get to a point where we have to euthanize animals. So that was just my statement.”

While answering further council questions, Police Chief Sherwin said “There is a lot of literature out there and a lot of people stressing that no animals can be killed. And that’s not a realistic goal for any municipal animal shelter because animals are brought to the Forney Animal Shelter that are sick and ill, citizens do that constantly, so to be one is simply not realistic.”

Explaining the situation further, Chief Sherwin said “You don’t get very healthy animals into the shelter but I can assure you that the staff of the animal shelter does everything it can to find homes for all the animals. And all those decisions are brought to me for final approval. So we take it very seriously, and I’m very proud of the animal shelter and their Live Release Rate which is something we need to publish because it’s a success story for this city. And hopefully we can get that out and reduce some of the worry of some of our citizens about what’s really going on there.”

On Wednesday evening the Forney Animal Shelter Advisory Committee met with Police Chief Sherwin to discuss the animal shelters administrative policies and procedures, and how best to keep the community informed on intake numbers, adoption rates, animal bites and deceased animals.

For more information on the Forney Animal Shelter visit https://www.cityofforney.org/603/Animal-Adoptions




Written by: Denise Bell

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