FISD Superintendent Speaks at Chamber Luncheon about Rhea & Smith Campus Conversions

On Thursday afternoon Forney ISD Superintendent Dr. Justin Terry was the Keynote Speaker at the monthly membership luncheon of the Forney Chamber of Commerce

where he spoke of the conversions of the Rhea and Smith Intermediate campuses.

Dr. Terry said “Our Board adopted a new educational model moving forward to help manage our growth but more importantly to give our kids a lot of increased opportunities that we’ve never had before.”

Using a slide presentation for emphasis, Dr. Terry explained “So you’ll notice, Smith and Rhea, and we’re actually moving to an intermediate structure. This does a lot of things for us. It allows us to actually provide things like band in the sixth grade and advanced academics all the way down to kindergarten. That maybe we couldn’t have done in the past so we’re really excited about where we’re structurally headed with this model.”

Detailing the campus conversion process Dr. Terry stated “We had to look at the facilities themselves. And as you know we always try to be good stewards of our taxpayer dollars. The dollars that you help contribute to educate our kids. And so want we wanted to do was be as efficient and effective with the addition of seats for our new kids coming into Forney as possible. So we looked around the schools at every single seat and every available seat and that’s what I really wanted to talk to you about.”

Dr. Terry said “With this expansion we’re adding about 450 seats at each campus. Smith and Rhea are going to look the same. They’re putting the additions on the back. And it’s actually going to be about 18 new classrooms at each campus. So we’re really excited. And you’ll notice that it’s actually a two-story facility that will expand the libraries as well, transitioning the space into a “learning hub”, known as a multi-learning space.”

Forney ISD taxpayers are encouraged to view the below videos to hear more about the Rhea and Smith campus conversions and the construction timetable for the construction project.


Written by: Denise Bell





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