County Commissioner’s Discuss Growing Need for County Animal Shelter

On Wednesday morning the Commissioners of the Kaufman County Court educated themselves on the need to consider building a new county animal shelter.

Seated with the Commissioner’s at their new mobile conference table, City of Terrell Police Chief M.G. McKeown spoke with the court about issues currently being experienced at the aging City of Terrell Animal Shelter.

Chief stated “We need to consider if the county is going to go to a central structure, or do we need to consider tearing down what we have and rebuilding it, or which way we’re going to go.”

While discussing the number of dogs taken in at the Terrell Animal Shelter, Chief McKeown said “We do as much as the county, just our city. We did 711 in 2017 and 542 last year.”
Responding Judge Hal Richards said “In case everyone didn’t hear, 884 was the number of dogs handled by the county in 2018, and it was 711 for the City of Terrell.”

While discussion how the number of animals taken in is expected to increase in the near future, Judge Richard said “Our County is the fastest growing county in North Texas, and one of the fastest growing counties in the state. I’d say 80% of this growth is not occurring in the cities.”

Judge Richards said “We have all these Municipal Districts and housing developments and we’re going to have another 50,000 people in this county in another five to seven years, and they’re not going to have any place to go with their animals. I mean, Windmill Farms doesn’t have any plans to build an animal shelter, so we need to be having some serious thoughts about this right now.”

A lengthy workshop style discussion ensued about the procedures used at the City of Terrell Animal Shelter, as well as about the possible staffing cost associated with building a county animal shelter.



Written by: Denise Bell

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