Wetland Mud Bug Festival was a Big Hit with Nature Enthusiasts

On Saturday the John Bukner Sands Wetland Center hosted a Mud Bug Festival and Fun Run, and with lots of Cajun music, food and beautiful weather on hand, hundreds of area residents enjoyed communing with nature throughout the day.

The JBSWC volunteers, environmentalist, animal and bird experts organizing the festival did a nice job providing a variety of fun and educational programs. Bird watchers enjoyed the hourly guided walks across the preserved wetland and the children attending enjoyed free face painting, a bounce house and several animal education booths.

The protected home of thousands of species of birds including two American Bald Eagles, the Wetland Center also provides protected refuge for countless turtles, snakes, insects and fish. And the Center regularly partners with area school districts, wildlife and conservation organizations to develop environmental education programs.

One of the largest constructed wetlands on the United States, the JBS Wetland Center includes seasonal emergent wetlands, scrub swamps, flooded bottom land and a hardwood forest.



Located in the middle of the East Fork Wetland Project, the JBS Wetland Center was specifically designed to filter treated wastewater and supplement the water supply for 1.7 million people living in north Texas.

For more information about the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center visit www.wetlandcenter.com




Written by: Denise Bell




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